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Established in 2008, Samarth Electronics is one of the renowned manufacturers and traders of a complete range of Ultrasonic equipment, Ultrasonic cleaners, Ultrasonic processor, probe sonicator, hot air oven and oil bath to name a few. Since its inception, the company has been largely catering to the Medical Industry.

Headed by Mr. Amit Gupta and Santosh Bane, Samarth Electronics is headquartered in Mumbai and has a strong distributor network across India. Presently, the company serves some of the top companies. Consistency in quality is one of the major factors that make Samarth Electronics the most preferred brand among those looking for ultrasonic cleaning equipments.

Our Team

We have a professional team of experts onboard constantly ensuring that the highest level of quality is maintained.
Our workforce consist of following department.

  Research & Development


  Quality Check

  Marketing & Sales




  HR Department

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and customer satisfaction form the foundation of the company. Every product we built is a result of an extensive amount of research carried out by a dedicated team of Research & Development (R & D) experts at Samarth Electronics. Our final products are dispatched only after having been thoroughly inspected by the quality control team.

Quality Assurance

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Table Top Sonicator
Table Top Sonicator
Ultrasonic Pipette Washer Manufacturers

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